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Christopher's Good Deeds Begin with Installation of Toilets at Kenya School

Updated: May 28, 2019

Today, Ideal Sanitation of Nairobi delivered eight eco-toilets and four hand washing stations to Igwamiti Primary School in Nyahururu, Kenya.

Currently, the school uses pit latrines, which consist simply of large, unlined holes in the ground with dilapidated wooden stalls placed on top. This type of sanitation system is deficient on several fronts: 1) Health of the children: disease-causing microbes and other contaminants leach into the ground water, putting the students and people close to the school at risk of developing potentially life-threatening diseases. 2) Economically: the lifespan of such toilets is short, as the hole is not emptied but allowed to fill to capacity (which usually takes only several years), then new holes need to be dug at great expense.

The new eco-sanitation system uses underground tanks to collect waste, preventing the spread of bacteria to nearby water sources. Further, a bio-digester introduced into the tank creates an environment that causes the continual breakdown of the solid waste, stopping them from filling and keeping odors in check. The average lifespan of each unit is 15 years.

They are now preparing the ground for installation, and if all goes as planned, the project should be completed by the week's end.

Igwamiti students posing with the just-delivered eco-toilets from Ideal Sanitation.


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