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Happy Birthday, Christopher

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Happy Birthday, my sweet son.  If life had not thrown you such a cruel curve ball, you would have been 22 today, November 6, 2020. 

My time since you have have been gone has been filled with despair and emptiness.  Even after almost 2 years, it seems not a moment passes when I am not thinking about you -- how much joy you brought to my life; what I could and should have done to prevent things from turning out the way they did;  and if you were alive today, what you would be accomplishing and adding to the world.

For a while, even working on this website and fundraising was difficult, for it further cemented the reality that you are no longer here on this planet, and it just exacerbated my sadness.    But I know the only way forward is for me is to make sure you are remembered for the kind, sweet, funny, intelligent soul you were by helping others as you would have done yourself.

So far Christopher's Fund has purchased eco toilets for a school in Kenya.  I was fortunate to visit there last January to see them being used first hand.  The school was thrilled to be part of implementing an innovative solution to address their sanitation/waste needs.   Further, in 2019 the fund made a donation to the Lambertville Public Library's youth program; and a scholarship was given to an exemplary South Hunterdon senior, Norah Clifford.  This spring I had planned to go to the Friends of Sochi Dogs shelter in Russia to help make improvements to their facilities in Christopher's name, but then the pandemic struck, and everything was put on hold.    Down the road, I hope to continue assisting the school in Kenya, helping animals in need, as well as local education and community programs.

I would like to give a belated special thanks to friends of Christopher and musical talents Aidan Donnelly and Devon Mastrich for their generosity in hosting a fundraising concert and creating a CD of original songs for The Christopher Fund last December.  Their effort raised over $2,300.  

Please keep tuned to this site, as I will be updating it shortly with pictures and more news, and thanks for your support.


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