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Life Goes On and So Do Contributions

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

The pandemic somewhat thwarted my making donations, but in February of 2022, I finally hit the road again and travelled to Kenya to support two causes in Christopher's honor.

I spent the first part of my trip volunteering for and donating money to the Kenya Society for Prevention to Cruelty to Animals. The KSPCA is the only animal welfare charity in Kenya protecting animals from neglect and abuse. Since the society’s formation one hundred years ago, KSPCA has grown and is well known for animal rescue and rehabilitation. With a focus on domestic animals, KSPCA is currently home to around 150 dogs, 203 cats as well as 6 donkeys, 7 horses and one tortoise at the time of this writing. A recently erected kennel at their Nairobi facility was dedicated to Christopher's and my good friend Diane Altman's (a fellow animal lover) memories with a plaque.

Following is a photo montage of some of the animals I worked with when I was there. Let's hope they all find loving homes.

The latter part of my trip was spent in Nyahururu, Kenya visiting the teachers and children at Igwamiti Primary School. In order to help the teachers prepare lessons and paperwork, I donated a commercial copier to the school. In addition, to assist with teaching, I gave them two SIM supported laptops. The classrooms do not have electricity, yet alone broadband, and this will allow them to access the internet and teaching/learning content on premise. I also provided them with a battery operated pico projector so that they could project learning material from the laptops to the students without the need for plug-in power.


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